A DIY Sensing Glove that allows you to type without using a keyboard

While strolling around the Health area MakerFaire Rome, we met Michaela who showed us her remarkable DIY sensing glove which allows a user to type without using a keyboard simply by moving three fingers. The glove uses flex sensors with are situated on the fingers of the glove which are attached to an Arduino nano microcontroller which is located on top of the hand.

DIY smart sensing glove

The main purpose of this prototype is to help people type text on a computer or phone. It’s aimed at people that struggle to type using a conventional keyboard due to various disabilities such as hand injuries or visual impairment.

The sensing glove communicates its data via Bluetooth directly to a computer or phone. The language system allows the user to scroll through the alphabet and select a letter using only three fingers. When the desired letter has been cycled the letter can be selected and then sent to the phone.

The wonderful Michaela at MakerFaire Rome 2022

Michaela kindly demonstrated her invention to us check out the video below to see it in action! 


If you want to reach out to Michaela you can find all of her social media platforms on her linktree.

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