Esp Solar Tracker - Revolutions

Take 3 - Single ESP8266 CPU. Maybe the mix is right this time.

Banana Pi Bpi-f2s With Sunplus Sp7021 Chip Design

Banana Pi BPI-F2S is the first board with Banana Pi team and SunPlus, this is a industrial-grade board.

Vectron Vr

Vectron VR is a virtual reality peripheral for the Vectron 64 6502 CPU-based breadboard computer.


Tipper predicts if a pitch will be in or out of the strike zone in real-time.

Ted The Talking Toaster

Conversations with a toaster have always been very one sided. Until now, meet Ted the talking Toaster!

2-axis Multi-fab Machine

Build a 2-axis machine with changeable tool-heads (plotter + lathe-tool-bit in the first iteration)


Is a bracelet designed such a way that to make people cozy for simple but prickling tasks like slide transition, play, and pause system.

Portable Time-lapse Camera Using An Esp32-cam

This tutorial helps you to create a portable camera using an ESP32-CAM running MicroPython. The ESP32 takes a photo every 5 seconds and saves it on the microSD card. The photos can be then combined into a time-lapse video! :)

Ai Powered Bull**** Detector

The one device we all need, an AI Powered Bull**** Detector!

7 Segment Display Array Clock

An digital clock made out of 144 7 segment displays

Extending Communications – Drone-based Radio Repeater

The "Rescue Repeater" is a drone-based radio repeater solution to allow communications to be rapidly restored or extended over the horizon.

Video Warning Drone To Fight With The Fire

Autonomous drone firefighting based on a video warning system and a sensor system for risk assessment

The Fire Mapping Drone

The agile, autonomous and safe option for mapping out forest fires in real time.

Air To Ground Display: Drone Mounted Ground Visible Display

A super bright LED display that can give instructions to people on the ground from the air.

Robot Home Assistant Using A Lego Ev3 And Alexa

This is an example of an application in which the voice assistant Alexa and the Lego EV3 are integrated as home assistant.

Supersmart Autonomous Car (nxp Cup 2020)

Badass robot car developed by reasonably advanced monkeys

Make My Car Roll Alone

The purpose of this project is to make an autonomous car which is able to complete a specific track without human help. We are creating this car through both our electronics and programming skills.

Expecto Autonomous - Building A Self-driving Rc-car

A small electric "autonomous" car that can travel unknown combinations on predetermined track parts and can solve numerous special tasks, such as avoiding obstacles or emergency braking. Main objective: taking part in the annual NXP-Cup.