Openterface Mini-kvm: Laptop As A Kvm Console

Control another computer using your laptop via USB and HDMI for seamless operation and rapid troubleshooting.

Blues-powered Smart Charging Station

Introducing a Blue Wireless-powered Smart Charging Station, offering grid-independent EV charging.

Lora Cellular Gateway Based Farming With Blues

LoRa Cellular Gateway-based farms, integrated with Blues technology, deliver real-time insights on soil conditions and crop health.

Westworld Host Prototype

An OpenAI powered skull robot inspired from the robotics on the show Westworld

Internet Connected Patient Monitoring With Cellular Iot

Transforming healthcare using IoT, advanced sensors, machine learning, and RTOS for global, efficient, and continuous patient monitoring.

Arduino Flower-shaped Project

This project is a creative Arduino circuit, designed in the shape of a flower. Featuring LEDs with customizable blinking patterns – random, spinning, or synced with ambient sound.

Rescue Bot

Rescue Bot is an autonomous ground rover designed to navigate post-disaster terrain, locate survivors and enhance disaster response

Running A Chatgpt-like Llm On The Raspberry Pi 5

Discover how to run an advanced ChatGPT-Like large language models on the Raspberry Pi 5

Automatic Battery Charger V2

A charger that will automatically charge your batteries

Pixo | Dazzling Desk Display

Pixo | Dazzling Desk Display

How To Send Data To Aws Dynamodb From Raspberry Pi Pico W

Learn how to send sensor data to AWS DynamoDB in MicroPython using the Pico W with IoT Core and MQTT. Harness the power of AWS!

ArUco Markers for Precise Pose Tracking in Robotics

Explore the fusion of ArUco markers and robotics for advanced pose tracking, enhancing precision and efficiency in machine vision.

Max30100 Sensor - How To Use Custom Code In Visuino Pro

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to use a Custom Code component in Visuino Pro, that allows us to add any Arduino code.

Control Stepper Motor Nema17 - Custom Code In Visuino Pro

In this tutorial we are going to control a stepper motor Nema 17 by using a Custom Code component in Visuino Pro.

How To Upload To S3 From The Raspberry Pi Pico W

Learn how to upload documents, images, and other files to S3 from the Pico W over the internet. Scale your IoT applications with S3!

Haptic Swim Assistant For Low Visibility Swimmers

Help low visibility swimmers avoid obstacles and know when they're approaching a wall with haptics, as well as provide safety features.

Robot Arms For Accessibility

Revamping a robot arm design & writing fresh, multiplatform code to give it as much functionality as possible for use in disabled travel.

Cellular Automated Hydroponics System With Blues& Qubitro

The objective of this project is to develop an Automated Hydroponics system that integrates cellular IoT.