The Neuton Maker Day is Now Available to View

The Neuton Maker Day, a webinar featuring five ready-to-go tinyML projects, is now available on YouTube. The event, hosted by Neuton and Electromaker in tandem, also featured prizes for both speakers and attendees, along with a guest appearance from Stefano Imlicito, Marketing manager at Arduino.

The entire webinar has now been made public:

The speakers documented each project here on the Electromaker website. Find links to each individual talk, along with their project pages, below.

Individual Speakers

Don't have time to watch the full webinar? We've uploaded each talk individually too!

1. Sumit Kumar: Predictive Maintenance Of Compressor Water Pumps 

Hardware hacker and teacher Sumit Kumar presented a project using AI to facilitate Predictive Maintenance of Compressor Water Pumps using an ON semiconductor Bluetooth 5 board.

2. Leonardo Cavagnis: TinyML: Slope control for Robots with Arduino Pro 

Leonardo Cavagnis's TinyML: Slope control for Robots uses a Nicla board from the Arduino Pro line to hack a robotic vacuum and stop it from getting stuck.

3. Timothy Malche: Smart Shipment with TinyML

We also heard from Timothy Malche, whose ESP32-powered Smart Shipment tinyML solution allows real-time monitoring and tracking of commercial shipments.

4. Rucksikaa Raajkumar: Tic-Tac-Toe Game with TinyML-based Digit Recognition

Rucksikaa Raajkumar programmed a Tic-Tac-Toe game in Python, which used an ESP32 with a touchscreen for user input, augmented using tinyML handwritten digit recognition.

5. Leonardo Goncalves: Predicting the F1 Champion with TinyML

Leonardo Goncalves showed a proof of concept using an Arduino Nano BLE 33 Sense to predict the winner of a Formula 1 Race based on data gathered from a toy F1 car.

The Maker Day webinar was a great success and lots of fun to host. If you are interested in learning more about Neuton's tinyML system, head to our Neuton Featured Platform section. 

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