Join us at the Neuton Maker Day tinyML Webinar

Electromaker is teaming up with Neuton for a free webinar covering IoT for edge devices, nocode model training for low-powered microcontrollers, and practical applications of tinyML!

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It takes place on June 16, 2022, at 5 pm CET, and you can sign up for free via the Neuton Maker Day registration form

You'll be hearing from 4 speakers using edgeAI on various low-powered microcontrollers, who'll each give a short Q&A after their presentations. Each project is already available to read on Electromaker; just follow the links in the following paragraphs.

Hardware hacker and teacher Sumit Kumar will be presenting a project using AI to facilitate Predictive Maintenance of Compressor Water Pumps using an ON semiconductor Bluetooth 5 board. You'll also be hearing from Timothy Malche, whose ESP32-powered Smart Shipment tinyML solution allows real-time monitoring and tracking of commercial shipments.

Leonardo Cavagnis's TinyML: Slope control for Robots uses a Nicla board from the Arduino Pro line to hack a robotic vacuum and stop it from getting stuck, while Leonardo Goncalves shows an Arduino Nano-powered proof of concept for Predicting the winner of a Formula 1 Race with TinyML.

Alongside the talks, there'll also be the opportunity to contribute ideas for new tinyML projects and the possibility of winning hardware from Arduino and Books from Packt for the best ideas. Head to the Registration link to sign up, and we'll see you on the 16th!

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