Melopero Launches Cookie RP2040 board at Maker Faire Rome 2022

Maker Faire has plenty of exciting things to see, but there's something special about getting your hands on one of the first runs of a new development board. The Cookie RP2040 is a circular board not dissimilar in form factor to the Adafruit Circuit Playground series - something the designers took great influence from when developing the board. The new dev board was released today at Maker Faire Rome 2022.

Of course, as the name suggests, the big difference here is the use of the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microprocessor. It's nice to see the chip used in a board with this form factor, with its crocodile clip friendly patch points and mini STEMMA/Qwiic connector for expansion. You also get 8MB onboard FLASH memory, a user LED and Reset/boot buttons. The main draw, however, is the 5 by 5 mini Neopixel display in the center of the board. It's reminiscent of the matrix found on the Micro:Bit, but completely addressable. Of course, given the processor, you also get the choice of CircuitPython, MicroPython, C/C++ and Arduino language support.

As we write this, we haven't had the chance to play with the Melopero Cookie RP2040, but they graciously gave us a couple to tinker with, and we'll, of course, be giving them away as future Electromaker Show prizes! LINK 2 CHANNEL

You can buy the Cookie RP2040 now from the Melopero online store, and there's already a quickstart guide available to get you going with new tech.

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