CircuitPython Day is this Friday

Update: CircuitPython day is over, and what a fantastic day it was! You can find the first video from the day below, and there are several more videos of the activities of the day on the Adafruit YouTube channel.



CircuitPython day is this Friday, August 19, 2022. It's a celebration of all things Python on Microcontrollers and features a look back at everything that's happened with the popular MicroPython offshoot in the last year. CircuitPython day is coming up very soon so check out the link in our bio and read our blog post where you can discover the full schedule! #arduino #raspberrypi #arduinoproject #electronics #robotics #iot #robot #python #programming #java #coding #programmer #javascript #adafruit #rp2040 #esp32 ♬ original sound - Electromaker

As well as talks about the project itself, there'll be showcases of the most interesting projects and builds from the last 12 months and a sneak peek as to what is to come in CircuitPython 8! There's also a live project build and a CircuitPython Day Game Jam Stream too! Alongside the stream, there's a webinar from BluesWireless on Reimagining IoT Deployments with CircuitPython using the Notecard. You can attend live, or after the fact by registering for free on the Blues Wireless Webinar signup page

Find out the full schedule in the CircuitPython day post on the Adafruit Blog.

CircuitPython runs on Almost everything!

Have you tried CircuitPython yet? It's about the quickest way to get a prototype up and running, and it runs on a huge amount of hardware. As well as running on boards like the Raspberry Pi Pico and Arduino Nano RP2040 Sense (which has quickly become my favorite Arduino ever), it - unsurprisingly - runs on a lot of Adafruit boards, too, like the Feather ESP32-S2.

adafruit feather esp32-s2 dev board

To find the full list of supported CircuitPython boards, head to the CircuitPython Downloads page.

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