Arduino Glasses A Hmd For Multimeter

Building an HMD with no special parts, to make work easier and safer

Water Cooling Wearable

Version 1 of my temperature controlling wearable.

Touched By Time – Cyborgism

I have no “sense of time - can I develop one? Tempo is a wearable device that feeds time data to my skin through vibration patterns.

The Hydromazing Smart Garden System

The hydroMazing system manages your growing environment by making localized data-driven decisions so that you don't have to worry.

Chakra Healing Harmonizer Using Arduino

A step to combine the technology and spiritualism.

Bio-smart Wear

My application is based on the use of this kind of devices to connect our body to the cloud.

Pov Cylinder With Arduino Due

The device displays animated GIF pictures on a rotating cylinder. The GIF pictures can be downloaded from a PC via Bluetooth.

Coffee Bird!

Simply ask the Coffee Bird if there is fresh coffee and avoid disappointment or deep depression when encountering an empty pot of coffee!!!

Apache2 Local Cloud Server Analysis ✔

Apache CloudStack is open source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines.

Install OwnCloud On Raspberry PI

How to Install ownCloud on Raspberry PI - Apache2 Cloud Server.

Retro Arcade: Get Your Game On With Pocketbeagle

Tutorial on creating a retro style arcade using BeagleBone's new PocketBeagle

Wooden Pi Handheld Games Console With Bullet Buttons

A guide to build your own handheld games console out of wood using bullet shells for buttons and a missile switch works with RetroPie and EmulationStation on the Raspberry Pi and includes a tiny audio amplifier, speakers and a LithiumIon iPad battery. Build Videos included to show how/how not - 10 mins of entertainment!

The Princess Playhouse

A Princess Playhouse with an Interactive Magic Mirror

"microdot" For Lattepanda (or Raspberry Pi) By Allan

The MicroDot is a home-made Alexa 'button' designed to be connected to a LattePanda or a Raspberry Pi, with Alexa Sample App installed. It is a small speaker with LED's and touch/speech activation, and is ideal for use on a desktop or in a car.

Arduino Powered Humanoid Robot Controlled With The Tactigon

Move your hands and control this Arduino powered robot using The Tactigon inside T-Skin hand band!

Arduino Powered Robotic Arm Controlled With T-skin!

Enjoy our new project! We programmed a T-Skin to talk with an Arduino powered robotic arm, to follow hand movement!

Iot Wallet (smart Wallet With Firebeetle Esp32) By Igor

There are several ways to use this tutorial. You can use it to:- Learn how to track and update your asset values for a particular currency using a Google spreadsheet;- Program an ESP32 using the Arduino IDE;- Read values from a Google spreadsheet using an ESP32 device;You can use part of this tutorial to create your own gadgets.

Crowpi- Lead You Go From Zero To Hero With Raspberry Pi

CrowPi is an amazing kit to help you learn computer science, programming, electronics and master Raspberry Pi.