Al Linke

Geek Dad

9 Projects

The Diy Photobooth With Lighting Control

Photobooth with Magic Mirror characters and X-10 control

The Princess Playhouse

A Princess Playhouse with an Interactive Magic Mirror

Vintage Wi-fi Internet Radio

An vintage radio turned into a modern Internet Wi-Fi radio

Diy Magic Mirror Android Edition

Android based Magic Mirror that responds to sensors

App Controlled Led Matrix Wearable

LED Bling controlled with an iOS or Android app over Bluetooth. Add your own LED designs simply by importing your GIFs into the apps. Apps include over 90 pixel art designs commissioned from pixel artists.

Smart Brake Light Proof Of Concept

An Android controlled smart brake light that displays rapid brake events and signs to other drivers

Make A Massive 4096 Led Display For Retro Pixel Art

Make a Massive 4096 LED Display for Retro Pixel Art

Diy Magic Mirror And Photobooth - Arduino Powered

An Arduino/sensor controlled Magic Mirror with characters that speak the weather, Stock and Bitcoin performance, Tweets along with novelty Breathalyzer, Photobooth, and X-10 control functions

Led Pixel Art Frame With Retro Arcade Art, App Controlled

A Bluetooth app controlled LED Art Frame with 1,024 LEDs that displays retro 80s arcade game art