Arduino Powered Robotic Arm Controlled With T-skin!

About the project

Enjoy our new project! We programmed a T-Skin to talk with an Arduino powered robotic arm, to follow hand movement!

Project info

Difficulty: Difficult

Platforms: Arduino

Estimated time: 7 hours

License: Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)


Hello! As shown in the video,

T-Skin device

is able to control an arduino powered robotic arm by following hand movements.

T-Skin is "The Tactigon" case for wearables applications. It offers a capacitive keyboard with 4 keys and a rubbed surface to stay in place and not slick from the hand.


Photo of The Tactigon

The Tactigon

The Tactigon is a brand of Next Industries Milano. Next Industries is a born of a passion to develop devices and sensors fit for Iot Technology. Our team is made of incredible experts in movement detection for big structural monitoring systems, software development and wearable device.


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