Arduino Powered Humanoid Robot Controlled With The Tactigon

Made by The Tactigon

About the project

Move your hands and control this Arduino powered robot using The Tactigon inside T-Skin hand band!

Project info



Estimated time:

7 hours


7th June 2018

Items used in this project

Hardware components

The Tactigon 3D Gesture Motion Board T-Skin x 1
The Tactigon 3D Gesture Motion Board The Tactigon x 1
Arduino Leonardo x 1
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module (Generic) x 1

Software app and online services

Arduino IDE


The Project @ Maker Faire Bay Area 2018

Hello! We created this project with the intent of controlling an humanoid robot with The Tactigon. The humanoid robot as an Arduino Leonardo inside, and a Bluetooth low energy module installed on the "backpack".

The Tactigon is inside its T-Skin hand band, providing buttons and an ergonomic case.

When the project is more stable, we'll publish sketches and additional information!


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