Tiny Monster Autonomous Fire And Safe To Go Burnt Area

Detection of Safe to go/navigate in an area for Firefighters and rescue worker with fire aftermath.

Uav Climbing Anchor Drone

This drone to help people trapped in tall buildings on fire.

Containment Sentinel: Fight Fires With Flyers #1

Containment Sentinel increases efficiency of human resources through real time automated multi-spectral firebreak monitoring and tracking.

Hovergames Accelerant Arrester

Firefighters can use UAVs to give advanced warning and assistance when accelerants are present.

Flame Warden Drone

A drone to monitor residential areas on the periphery of wildfires to instantly notify responders if a new fire starts.

Video Warning Drone To Fight With The Fire

Autonomous drone firefighting based on a video warning system and a sensor system for risk assessment

Air Strategist Companion Drone

Enhances situational awareness for forest firefighter crews.

Dynamic Uavs Delivering Radio Coverage

Making communication in remote areas easier by deployment of radio relay beacons using UAVs.

Medidrop Drone

My drone is built to deliver life saving medicine or devices on scene prior to firefighter arrival, since most emergencies are medical.

Authentication And Authorization For Hovergames Drone

Ensure operator identity and authorization for flying a drone.

The Fire Mapping Drone

The agile, autonomous and safe option for mapping out forest fires in real time.

Autonomous Drone To Find Lost Person

During a fire in the forest, it is very important to quickly find and evacuate people. Autonomous drone should help with this.

Air To Ground Display: Drone Mounted Ground Visible Display

A super bright LED display that can give instructions to people on the ground from the air.

Recon And Rescue Drone

The drone uses an IR thermal sensor to detect heat signatures in real-time and report back to the operator or support team.

Bpi:bit Webduino And Arduino Board With Eps32 ,

Banana Pi BPI:bit for STEAM education,support webduino,arduino,microPython,Scratch.x

Banana Pi Bpi-m2+ (bpi-m2 Plus) Open Source Sbc

Banana pi BPI-M2+ (BPI-M2 plus) quad core singel-board computer, with allwinner H3 chip design

Banana Pi Bpi-k210 Risc-v 64bit Ai Development Board

BPI-K210 is the first Banana Pi board with RISC-V chip design.An integrated artificial intelligence SOC chip solution that can accommodate neural network models, using a new risc-v instruction set for the field of artificial intelligence and edge computing. The main target market is the IoT and STEAM education market

Banana Pi Bpi-m2 Zero(h2+) Quad Core Sbc

Banana PI BPI-M2 Zero is the open source hardware platform,Banana PI BPI-M2 Zero is an quad core version of Banana Pi,it support WIFI,same size as raspberry pi zero W