Arcar1: Unleashing The Future Of Autonomous Racing

About the project

Meet ARCar1, a state-of-the-art autonomous vehicle that combines blistering speed with unparalleled precision. With creative ideas, innovative sensors, and sleek aerodynamics, this car outperforms rivals and redefines the boundaries of the NXPCup. Get ready to be amazed by ARCar1! Qualified for the EMEA 2023 Finals in Bucharest!

Items used in this project

Hardware components

NXP Cup Mainboard (V2.0 HE-Arc) NXP Cup Mainboard (V2.0 HE-Arc) MCU MK64FN1MOVll12, 2 Potentiometers, 1 Dilswitch, 2 Push Buttons, Led Driver, Gyroscope FXAS21002C, Accelerometer FXOS8700CQ x 1
Faulhaber 12V DC Motor Faulhaber 12V DC Motor x 2
NXP Cup SPI Camera (V1.0 HE-Arc) NXP Cup SPI Camera (V1.0 HE-Arc) x 2
Infrared LED Lightning Pannel (V1.0 HE-Arc) Infrared LED Lightning Pannel (V1.0 HE-Arc) x 1
Adafruit LiDAR VL6180X Adafruit LiDAR VL6180X x 1
High-speed Hall-effect latch with low jitter (fast response) 3-SOT-23 -40 to 125 High-speed Hall-effect latch with low jitter (fast response) 3-SOT-23 -40 to 125 For the rear wheels speed x 1
DS455 Servomotor DS455 Servomotor x 1
HE-Arc Carbon-Fiber & Aluminium Custom Chassis HE-Arc Carbon-Fiber & Aluminium Custom Chassis Newly implemented, great weight reduction & lower center of gravity x 1
WiFi Debug  & Monitoring communication module WiFi Debug & Monitoring communication module x 1
Orion Lipo 2S V-Max HV LiPo Orion Lipo 2S V-Max HV LiPo High Voltage LiPo flat battery x 1

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Software apps and online services

MCU Xpresso IDE MCU Xpresso IDE Bare-Metal
Autodesk Fusion360 Autodesk Fusion360 Additionnal needed 3d printed pieces
Altium Designer Altium Designer Custom PCBs made internally for HE-Arc

Hand tools and fabrication machines

CNC CNC Aluminium pieces of newly made chassis x 1
Fiber laser cutting machine Fiber laser cutting machine Chassis x 1


Date: Started late September 2022 - Present

Project: ARCar 1 Autonomous Racing Vehicle made for NXP Cup.

Progress Summary:

  • Began work on the first vehicle prototype (see attached photo)

  • Completed 4 internal milestones, each spaced about a month apart:
    • Detect side lines and display results on LEDs
    • Drive straight with constant input, correcting to stay on track
    • Drive in circles and ovals
    • Drive in a figure-eight, with a crossing in the middle
  • Achieved predictable and repetitive behavior with robust performance
  • Conducted a study and made necessary camera adjustments for improved usability
  • Installed high-power infrared LED array to enhance camera performance
  • Selected as one of the top 2 teams at the HE-Arc internal NXP Cup competition
  • Began optimizing the vehicle's behavior and speed for NXP Cup
  • Added a second camera for better turn prediction and speed adaptation
  • Received a new, lightweight carbon fiber chassis from HE-Arc in mid-February (see attached photo)

  • Undertook extensive adjustments to adapt vehicle behavior to the new chassis
  • Experienced improvements in cornering and grip due to reduced weight, lower center of gravity, and new wheels
  • Currently working on final preparations to improve speed before the EMEA qualification event
  • Qualified for the EMEA 2023 Finals in Bucharest!


  • Encountered various issues related to camera settings, including lens focus and exposure time
  • Significant adaptation work needed to adjust behavior with the new carbon fiber chassis
  • Different behavior between left and right turn in crossing

Schematics, diagrams and documents

Mainboard HE Arc PCB

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As a highly motivated student in a trinational program across France, Germany, and Switzerland, I have focused on power electronics and embedded systems. My unique educational journey has allowed me to gain hands-on experience, adapt to diverse cultural settings, and become fluent in multiple languages. Eager to apply my knowledge, I am dedicated to developing innovative solutions in my fields of study.


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