Dc Motor Mosfet Control Speed Using Arduino

In this tutorial we will learn how to control a DC Motor speed using a MOSFET Module. Watch the video!

Control Powerful Electric Skateboard E-bike 350w Dc Motor...

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to control a DC motor using Arduino and Dc driver bts7960b.

Super Easy Way To Control Servo Motor With Arduino

In this tutorial we will use Servo Motor and Arduino UNO, and Visuino to control servo motor degree position

Simple Step Counter Using Arduino

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a simple step counter. This project is very useful in robotics.

Servo Motor Positioning-calibration How To Tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn how to position or calibrate a servo motor, this is often useful in robotics where we need to center a servo

Arduino Control Servo Motor Position With Buttons

In this tutorial we will learn how to Control Servo motor position with buttons using arduino. Watch the Video!

Pico Keypad

A Shortcut Keypad for your PC work

J.a.r.v.i.s: Led's Can Hear You.

The goal of the project is to create an intelligent system that recognizes and reacts to twelve keywords such as ON, OFF, etc. These keywords are transmitted from one device to another device over a CANopen network, where LED's respond to these keywords.

Autonomous Robot Gps Controlled Using Arduino

GPS and machine vision fused together to become a trending development for Agriculture Robot guidance systems. Robotic harvesting gives innovative solutions in robot mechanics to overcome environmental challenges.

Arduino Car On A Treadmill

Testing platform for experimental demonstration of the vehicle-following task. This platform is composed by one treadmill and up to two vehicles based on the combination of an Arduino board and a steerable scaled chassis.

Rcwl-0516 Doppler Radar Sensor Interfacing With Arduino

In this project, we are going to interface RCWL-0516 Doppler Radar Sensor with Arduino Nano.

Controlling A Servo Motor With Raspberry Pi And Python Gui

In this tutorial we are going present how to precisely control a servo using the Raspberry Pi and Python TK GUI.

Supersupersmart Autonomous Car (nxp Cup 2021)

Badass robot car developed by reasonably advanced monkeys

Feit Brains

This project is from University of Žilina team participating inNXP Cup. Starting with assembling the hardware through making the code until testing it on track.

Hsd - Roadster Mmxx

Setup of an autonomously driving vehicle on a predefined race track. The track can turn for a race. The vehicle recognizes the racetrack without any outside interference and sees it as quickly as possible. It is a challenge in the NXP CUP to race against other team contracts.


An autonomous vehicle in scale 1:18 powered by two independent electric engines and steering by using servo. Our car is adapt to race in EMEA NXP CUP competition. The goal is use a PIXI CAM 2 camera to give our car eyes and to write perfect algorithm to be the fastest.


The goal of this project is to build a car that drives through an unknown course, using line scan cameras to control the direction and Hall sensors to control the speed. The intelligence is programmed on an ARM Cortex M0+ based microcontroller. There is also further useful peripherals installed to improve performance.

Now Sequitur

Make a self-driving car in C using MCUExpresso and Mbed