Arduino Nano ESP32 handheld console

For those seeking a short yet impressive DIY task, you might find the Arduino Nano ESP32-based color handheld console from the Volos Projects YouTube channel captivating. This diminutive console sports a unique round screen and runs on the power of an Arduino Nano ESP32.

We featured this amazing Arduino ESP32 nano game project in this episode of The Electromaker Show

Recently, the well-regarded YouTube channel, Volos Projects, showcased a fascinating piece of tech that's bound to enthrall both tech aficionados and gamers. Skillfully utilizing the capabilities of the Arduino Nano ESP32, they've fashioned a pocket-sized gaming console with vibrant full-color visuals on its circular screen.

The core of this portable gaming gadget, the Nano ESP32, is an outstanding microcontroller unit (MCU) from Espressif ESP32. It stands out in performance and memory among similar devices. This MCU is also furnished with integral Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities, making its feature set even more noteworthy.


Screenshot 2023-09-04 145434.png

The Genius Behind the Project: Volos Projects 

The genius behind this project is Volos Projects, a name that might sound familiar to the Electromaker community. We've previously featured Volos on our show, and since then, his channel has grown exponentially. Specializing in microcontrollers and displays, Volos's channel is a treasure trove for tech enthusiasts. His dedication to the craft is evident in the vast array of projects he has showcased over the years.

Where We Discovered This Gem 

This project caught our eye on the Geeky Gadgets website, and we couldn't resist delving deeper. The Arduino Nano ESP32 handheld console is more than just a gaming device. It's a testament to what's possible with the right tools and creativity.

Open-Source and User-Friendly 

This project is a goldmine of information for those interested in the ESP32 displays or even creating their own retro game player. Volos goes in-depth, explaining the console's setup, configuration, and even the coding aspect. What's even more commendable is Volos's commitment to open-source. He has made all the details of this project available to the public, ensuring that anyone can replicate it. Everything is laid out in a user-friendly manner, from the GUI to the game programming.


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