Arduino Releases the Portenta Cat. M1/NB-IoT GNSS Shield

Arduino has released the latest shield for its Portenta family of professional development boards. The new shield announced on the Arduino Blog incorporates a Cinterion TX62 module designed for low-power cellular IoT projects.

The new shield, which allows for a large variety of position, tracking, and remote monitoring applications, will be available for €73.00/US$87.60 from the Arduino Pro Store


New portenta IoT shield

Arduino also announced a joint webinar with Thales, who it partnered with to create the shield. The online session, focussing on the new shield, takes place on February 23, 2022, at 9 am and again at 5 pm CET. You can sign up for the session via this online form

The Portenta Gets Another Big Boost

The original release of the Arduino Portenta H7 was a big step. It's powerful professional-grade hardware, but with the ease of use and documentation that Arduino has perfected over the years. Since then, a baseboard for Portenta H7 development and two Arduino Portenta Vision Shield varieties have been released - one equipped for LoRa and another for Ethernet.

The addition of a fully-featured cellular IoT shield really pushes the Portenta H7 as an excellent fast prototyping option for remote projects. Moreover, when paired with the Portenta Machine Control, it could see use in a wide variety of environments!

The Portenta H7 and Vision shield were used to great effect in this emotion and gesture recognizing robot build. What would you do with the new cellular IoT shield?

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