Arduino Releases the Nicla Vision 

Arduino has just released the Nicla Vision, a tiny feature-packed ARM Cortex-powered board for machine vision and Edge-AI. It features a 2MP color camera along with a 6-axis motion sensor, a MEMs microphone, and a distance sensor.

The STM32H747A116 Dual ARM Cortex processor is powerful enough for almost any professional use, but built in Wi-Fi and BLE make it perfect for working as part of a larger mesh IoT system too. The new board was announced on the Arduino Blog, in a post highlighting potential industrial and commercial use cases along with its compatibility with other Arduino Pro products.

Perhaps the most amazing feature of the Nicla Vision is its size. It's just 22.8 x 22.8 mm, yet packs in more sensors and power than a lot of larger development boards. The Arduino Nicla Vision is available via the Arduino Store for $115.

The Arduino Nicla Vision Specifications

  • MCU: STM32H747AII6 Dual ARM® Cortex® - M7 core up to 480 Mhz + M4 core up to 240 Mhz
  • SENSORS: 2 MP Color Camera, 6-Axis IMU (LSM6DSOX), Distance / Time Of Flight sensor (VL53L1CBV0FY/1), Microphone (MP34DT05)
  • I/O Castellated pins with the following features: 1x I2C bus (with ESLOV connector), JTAG, Power and GPIO pin headers; 1x serial port; >1x SPI; 2x ADC Programmable I/O voltage from 1.8-3.3V
  • Dimensions: 22.86 mm x 22.86 mm
  • Security: NXP® SE050C2 Crypto chip
  • Power: High speed USB (500mbps); Pin Header; 3.7V Li-po battery with Integrated battery charger and fuel gauge (MAX17262REWL)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi / Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.2 (Murata® 1DX - LBEE5KL1DX-883)
  • Memory: 2MB Flash / 1MB RAM; 16MB QSPI Flash for storage
  • USB: interface with debug functionality
  • Temperature -20° C to +70° C (-4° F to 158°F)

The Nicla has Doubled

While the Arduino Pro line still feels quite new, the Portenta H7 has been around for over two years now. The two Nicla boards available follow the template of having much more power and capability than the rest of the main Arduino line with a commercial and industrial focus.

There have been other Arduino boards with some sensor and cconnectivity capibilities, notable the Nano Sense 33 BLE, but nothing quite matching the power and capability of the pro line. It's going to be exciting seeing where these little boards turn up!

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