Machine Vision and Dual LDBC control with STM32

STM32 chips from STMicroelectronics run pretty much everything. They are the go-to embedded chip for anything that requires more than a simple 8-bit MCU, and are so well used and available that they even show up in places they probably aren't needed. 

At the other end of the scale, sometimes it's a little mind-blowing how much a single simple setup can do, and that's how we felt when we saw this custom implementation of the STSPIN32G4 driving two separate motors and performing color recognition through a peripheral camera.

We chatted with one of the ST Microelectronics team about this custom setup while playing with the colored balls crane example it was running.

It's interesting to see things like this out in the wild, as this isn't a dev kit you can buy. This is just an example of what you can build if you get the raw materials and learn how to build up a board using them from scratch. It's quite a complex art, but luckily there are folks out there like Phil's Lab who can teach the subject from scratch.

The STM32 is widely available, and the Nucleo series of evaluation boards are a great place to start. To find out more about the STSPIN32G4 you can head to the STMicroelectronics overview page for the part or get a pre-made evaluation kit based on the chip that's ready to use with a range of motors! 

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