Embedded World 2023: Sustainable Bug Detection with the Arduino Pro Nicla Vision

At the Embedded World 2023 event, we had the opportunity to visit the Arduino Pro stand to see what hardware they had on show, and discovered a working prototype of a smart agriculture project. We spoke with Andrea, who demonstrated a computer vision project that utilizes the power of the Nicla Vision Plus and the MKR WAN 1310 board to detect a specific type of bug, called Popilla japonica, using machine learning.

The project involves leveraging the small form factor and low power draw of the Arduino Pro Nicla Line of boards to recognize and count this particular type of bug. By identifying the bug, the project can help farmers determine the optimal time to use chemicals, thus reducing the use of harmful substances in the fields. The project can be powered by solar panels, making it a ready-to-use solution for detecting bugs without adding complicated infrastructure to farmland.

The model used to identify the Popular Japonica bug is trained specifically for that type of bug, and it does not recognize other types of bugs, such as flies. The project uses a camera to capture images of the bugs.

Documentation and tutorial materials are available on the Arduino website, including data sheets, examples, and tutorials for those interested in getting involved with the Arduino Pro Line. The website also provides machine-learning tools that can be used to build similar projects. You'll also need a Nicla Vision board too!

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