Embedded World 2023: Arduino announces the Portenta C33

Today at Embedded World 2023, Arduino Pro announced a new cheaper alternative to the Portenta H7: The Portenta C33. 


As we arrived at the stand, the announcement was just 10 minutes old, and there wasn't even a price at that time. Since then, Arduino updated their site, including a splash page for the Portenta C33, confirming it'll debut at $68, making it one of the most affordable Arduino Pro boards to date.

Stefano Implicito, Senior Marketing Manager at Arduino, gave us a quick introduction to the new development board:

The board features an ARM® Cortex M33 microcontroller by Renesas, with onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. The module is programmable via MicroPython and the Arduino IDE, and is hardware compatible with both the Portenta and MKR ranges of boards.

However, this is still an Arduino Pro board, so it comes with industry-grade security and temperature tolerances, along with combination pin holes with castellated edges for easy prototyping and deployment.

Currently, there is no release date for the Arduino Pro Portenta C33, but you can register your interest and join the waiting list on the Portenta C33 store page

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