Embedded World 2023: The Arduino Opta - An All-in-One Solution for Industrial Automation

We stopped by the Arduino Pro stand at Embedded World 2023 to talk about the Arduino Opta PLC. For those unfamiliar, a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a logic box that can be programmed and is primarily used in Industrial Automation. It is designed specifically for industrial settings, and can be programmed using traditional PLC programming tools, or the Arduino IDE. Renato Zanovello, International Sales Director at Arduino, talked us through the Opta:

The Opta comes with different connectivity variants. You can choose between Ethernet and Wi-Fi, together with serial and Bluetooth, giving you multiple ways to connect with sensors and monitoring systems in both wired and wireless settings. Additionally, the Opta comes with an onboard secure, so once you connect this device to the IoT, you can implement secure Over The Air (OTA) updates. The Opta combines the PLC with cyber security, which is a hot topic with machine and PLC producers, making it an all-in-one product that saves a lot of time in development and brings enormous value with your deployment.

The Opta is available now and can be purchased in multiple variants on the Arduino website, where you'll also find tutorial materials and documentation. Renato mentioned that Arduino is happy to support their industrial customers via phone too.

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