Rescue Bot

Rescue Bot is an autonomous ground rover designed to navigate post-disaster terrain, locate survivors and enhance disaster response

Innovation: Unleashing The Power Of Robot Arms And 3d Camera

Empower learning and explore the future with our user-friendly Robotic Arm and Depth Camera Kit, mastering 3D camera technology.

Image Captioning For The Visually Impaired And Blind People

This project aims to improve accessibility for visually impaired and blind people by developing a novel image captioning system.

Operate Mycobot With The Spatial Recognition Of D455

A project about a robotic arm and a depth camera working together.

From Yolo To Edge-ai Vision

Run Your Own YOLO Real-Time Object Detection Model on Intel Movidius VPU based OpenNCC Edge-AI Camera Module

Openncc Frame

To support inference media pipelines based on GStreamer and to support cross-platform inference based on NNStreamer.

2 Classic Ai On Edge Iot Camera Solution

deployed on Raspberry pi and Intel VPU

4 Steps To Develop An Edge-ai Road Segmentation Cam

Good for Ride-share / Auto-pilot / Self-driving Applications.

Night Vision Camera Dev Kit Performance Test

Night vision performance comparison between OpenNCC starlight/lowlight night vision camera dev kit and iphone.

4 Steps To Deploy An Openvino Model To Openncc

Take advantage of Intel OpenVINO Model Zoo's 100+ pre-trained free open-source AI models to make your own AI camera.

Openncc We

Edge AI IoT camera with POE and WiFi

Raspberrypi Based Edge-ai Vehicle License Plate Recognition

See the vehicle license plate recognition application as an example to see how the two-stage model worked out on OpenNCC.

Arduino 101 And Visuino: Control Led From Smartphone

Control Arduino 101 LED remotely from smartphone over Bluetooth LE.

Teachable Machine

A voice-enabled machine which reads book and replies to the questions.

Person and Face Detection using Intel OpenVINO toolkit

People and Face Detection in Video for Security Surveillance using the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit.

Analogmax Daq-1, Openvino And Neural Stick 2

This is a companion robot capable of analyzing heart signals, using artificial intelligence, Openvino, AnalogMAX DAQ1 and Neural Stick 2 as embedded AI tools in a companion robot for the detection of cardiac anomalies