How To Use Mcp4725 12 Bit Digital To Analog Converter

In this tutorial we will learn how to use MCP4725 12Bit Digital to Analog Converter with Arduino to generate Square, Sine & Triangle waves.

Controlling 4 Channel Arduino Relay With Buttons

In this tutorial we will learn how to use 4 Channel Arduino Relay with Arduino and Visuino and controlling it with 4 buttons.

Emo - Your Personal Companion Robot

An open-source personal companion robot

3-mode Bluetooth Robot Car

Robot car developed using Arduino that can operate in 3 modes - Manual, Automatic and Voice with additional features. The car is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth from a dedicated Android app.

Transformers Pcb Badge

In this tutorial, I am going to show you guys how to design this "Transformers PCB Badge" and how to solder the components to it.

Get Stepper Motor Positions From Sd Card

In this tutorial we are going to read stepper motor positions from the SD card where we saved a text file with the amount of steps.

Ina226 Overvoltage Warning Light & Sound Using Arduino

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a overvoltage warning using the INA226 module, LED and a Piezo buzzer module. Watch the Video!

Stepper Motor - Use Encoder To Control Speed & Direction

In this tutorial we will learn how to use encoder to control the speed and direction of the stepper motor Nema 17 using arduino.

Ir Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor With Atom Matrix Esp32

In this tutorial we are going to use a Infrared IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor with ATOM Matrix ESP32. Watch the Video!

Boldly Building My Own Droid: A Journey Inspired By Star War

A DIY Adventure Through Droid Design, 3D Printing, and electrical engineering.


High speed Wi-Fi current profiler and Micro SD card logger

Tinyml: An Always-on Audio Classifier Using Synthetic Data

Use machine learning to build a system that can recognize audible events, particularly your name through audio classification.

Ficar - Self Driving Robotic Car For Nxp Cup Competition

Race car built with NXP component - K66 board, Pixy2 Camera and XRAY X12'22 chassis.

Mr. Cadbury

It an sense objects in its path and get back and print excuse me on the lcd . It can detect humidity . The robot can move in all directions, it is fully bluetooth controlled it has 2 hands like humans which can move 0,90,180 degree. If a fire has broken out it has stored water and a pump to extinguish the fire.

The Arm Oh My Robot E.m.m.a. Controlled With A Gang

The finger of my arm move with a servo controled by an arduino mega, and the gang works with flex sensors and a accelerometer gyroscope. And all this is powered by two external batteries

Line Follower Robot - King Of Maze

Automated item delivery through shortest available path - Useful in industries for pick and drop cases - no requirement of ROS.

Nxp Cup 2023

Project about constructing and making automotive car for NXP CUP 2023, qualification round in Brno. It uses NXP board fmuk66v3 for control, Pixycam v2.1 for sensing racetrack and ultrasonic sensor for sensing obstacles.

Nxp Cup Bcjm Arcar 2

Logbook of our autonomous car for the NXP Cup 2023.