3D Printing a Giant Lego Golf Kart Turns Out to be Difficult

If you've been following 3D printing YouTube for a while, you've probably come across Ivan Miranda. His YouTube channel documents his quest to create bigger and bigger 3D printed structures, a process that led to the creation of custom-built 3D Printers.

In a recent video, Ivan outlines his progress on his full-size, drivable, Lego-style gold kart. It's a fascinating deep dive into the challenges of creating large functional 3D prints and fabricating parts designed for movement in general.

We discussed it at length on this week's Electromaker Show (Timed segment link):

The full video is worth watching as it goes into great detail and serves as much more than a "work-in-progress" video. 

Ivan's channel is full of exciting projects, some very much on the odd end of the scale like his giant ridable 3D printed tank, some more practical like his fully 3D printed mini CNC machine.

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