Arduino and Raspberry Pi Meet Lego Thanks to Leguino!

Lego, Arduino and Raspberry Pi seem obvious bedfellows, but no one has quite managed to get integration between them quite right. One product hoping to finally perfect it is Leguino, a range of Lego-compatible electronic modules currently available for preorder following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Solving the problem of integrating Lego with electronic components, the Leguino sets feature a collection of bricks with the modules built in. LEDs, OLED displays, sensors, microphones, infrared and much more have been integrated into Lego-sized bricks. In addition, some larger, feature-packed bricks are included.

These bulkier Leguinos include the Leguberry brick, a Raspberry Pi-like device comparable with the Wi-Fi enabled Pi Zero W. There is also the Leguino Nano and Uno bricks, based on the corresponding Arduino models. Other bricks include remote controls, buttons, switches, gear motors, servos and even a breadboard brick for hands-on prototyping.

Behind Leguino is Belfast-based Urs Markus Ernst Streidl, a German with a good track record in tech ventures, and winner of the German nationwide Start-Up competition in 2006. Tested on Streidl’s children (aged 7 and 9), Leguino is simple to use: build the project, merge it with Leguino components, program, and enjoy!

Programming the components is possible via the Visuino software, while the fortunate young owner of a Leguino Rockbotic Set (£95 – all prices are set to rise following release) is encouraged to learn programming using the Spanish-developed Rockbotic method.

The possibilities are endless with Leguino. Fully compatible with Lego, several Leguino kits are available. These include the basic entry set (£89) with 15 components, the £159 core set, with 25 electronic module bricks, all the way up to the £279 Leguino Raspberry Kit (46 bricks) and £279 Leguino Power Set (47 bricks, pictured above). Several other smaller, focused kits are also available, such as the Plot Clock Kit shown at the top of the page.

Can Leguino successfully integrate Lego projects with DIY electronics projects? It certainly looks that way; find out more at the homepage.

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