Bot Engine

A customisable & expandable interface that uses my Chatbot with additional ML based sentiment analysis with visual/audio output.

Remote Birding With Tensorflow Lite And Raspberry Pi

Learn how to use machine learning on a Raspberry Pi in a remote environment (complete with cellular connectivity and solar power!).

Using Machine Learning To Mind Control A Flamethrower

A mind controlled flamethrower that works off of thoughts of fire: no need to try to control your meditation or concentration values. It uses a one dimensional convolution neural network to classify between standard and fire mind data. Take the code to make your own model and control your own projects with your mind!

No Pause

A non-invasive solution for hot flashes during menopause using machine learning

Handwriting Recognition

This IMU-equipped pen is trained to recognize handwritten numbers

Voice Recognition At The Edge

I have built a device which can detect voice commands and takes action.

Terminator Hk Tank

Trying to bring the HK Tank from Terminator to life!