Raspberry Pi Zero + Repetier Server

Pi Zero is crazy tiny and it works well for low-er use CPU programs like the Repetier-Server.

Version 2.0 Advanced Attendance System (Without Ethernet)

Full Fledged Attendance system which will prompt a free message on user mobile when his attendance will be marked using RFID Tag.

Online Attendance System (without Ethernet)

Online Attendance System using RFID Module and PHP&MYSQL Only. Utility for all type of attendance requirements. Useful for online tracking

Export Data From Arduino To Excel Sheet

Have you ever wanted to make a system that records sensor readings for future analysis? If so, that's exactly what we're about to do.

Transfer Data Between Windows, Mac And Raspberry Pi

How to transfer data between Windows, Mac and Raspberry Pi.

LED Sequential Control Arduino Tutorial

In this project, I blink LEDs using Arduino.

Interfacing LCD to Arduino

LCD display partition using arduino Uno.

Interfacing LCD to Arduino

LCD display partition using arduino Uno.

Raspberry Pi Scheduling A Shutdown Or Reboot

Makes a time schedule to restart or shutdown your Pi.

Raspberry Pi Configuration

How to set date and time language keybord layout in Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Blinking LED

Using Raspberry pi GPIO port I blink LED

Enable SSH On Raspberry Pi For Remote Access ✔ (Easiest Way)

You can access the command line of a Raspberry Pi remotely from another computer or device on the same network using SSH.

Remove/Uninstall Software In Raspberry Pi

How to remove/uninstall software in Raspberry Pi.

How To Change The Raspberry Pi Password

Changing your Raspberry Pi password.

Sync Gmail with Windows 10 Mail

How to sync Gmail with Windows 10 mail.

How to Check and Fix Memory Problems in Windows

How to check and fix memory problems with the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.

Disable Notification Sounds in Windows 10

How to disable notification sounds in Windows 10.

How to Set a Password on Windows 10

This video shows you how to change your Windows 10 password.