Use Visual Studio Code For Your Particle Development Needs

Use this lightweight, cross-platform editor while developing Particle software.

Pushing Data To Google Docs

Make your hardware push data to a Google spreadsheet.

Control An Ir Fireplace From The Internet

This is an implementation of my infrared replicator project, where I show how to control almost any infrared appliance from the Internet.

Sharing The Push Notifications Of Your Hardware

Share the push notifications of your hardware with family or friends

Use Nfc Tags To Control Your Hardware

Scan an NFC tag and get a temperature reading, open your garage or whatever you want.

Talk To Your Hardware

Use Google Now to trigger actions and get status of your hardware with your voice

Storing Data In Google

Store any data you want in Google Sheets

Add Push Notifications To Your Hardware

Use Pushbullet to notify you of whatever your hardware is doing


Control your Particles from all your phones and tablets

Garage Commander

Control your garage door from wherever you are.

Temperature/humidity Monitor With Blynk

Build an Android or iOS app for your hardware with no coding!

Water Detection System

Get notified of water wherever you are

Pool Temperature Monitor

Know the temperature of your pool anywhere, anytime

Expanding Io Ports Of A Netduino With An Mcp23008

Sometimes you run out IO ports on your main prototype board. Netduino works seamlessly with different IO expanders, like an MCP23008.

Iot Hulk (visualize Your Devices)

Visualize your device readings easily and for absolutely free.

DIY PC's Auto Sleep Mode Sensor

Convert PIR into DIY PC's Auto Sleep mode sensor using Arduino which feels your presence & makes your PC go to or wake up from Sleep mode.

DIY Auto Voice Record and Playback

Record your voice using Arduino and ISD1820. This is a very simple project which takes less than 10 min and < 8$.

Iot Pool Monitoring With Thingsboard

This project will show how to monitor pH, ORP, and temperature of a pool or spa and upload the data to's visualization and storage service.