Arduino Powered Robotic Arm Controlled With T-skin!

Enjoy our new project! We programmed a T-Skin to talk with an Arduino powered robotic arm, to follow hand movement!

Iot Wallet (smart Wallet With Firebeetle Esp32) By Igor

There are several ways to use this tutorial. You can use it to:- Learn how to track and update your asset values for a particular currency using a Google spreadsheet;- Program an ESP32 using the Arduino IDE;- Read values from a Google spreadsheet using an ESP32 device;You can use part of this tutorial to create your own gadgets.

Crowpi- Lead You Go From Zero To Hero With Raspberry Pi

CrowPi is an amazing kit to help you learn computer science, programming, electronics and master Raspberry Pi.

Walle - Home Assistant

Home automation system with built-in Alexa assistant and wireless controllers for light and central heating? It sounds great, doesn't it?

Alexa Smart Switchboard

A touch smart switchboard with Alexa Voice Control

Wolverino: Fully Automatic Diy X-men Wolverine Claws

Muscle-controlled fully automatic DiY X-Men Wolverine claws, which deploy and retract using Electromyography (EMG) or Mechanomyography (MMG) signals.

Bionic Arm Moved Vith Voice

I wanted to prove if an arm moved trough voice would be useful in daily life; with this idea in mind I learned to design and print in 3D, Arduino code, and some mechanics a complete project for those who want to learn!

Bartop Arcade Cabinet With Udoo X86

Step by step guide to build your own awesome bartop arcade cabinet.

Udoo X86 With Geforce Gtx 1060 Gpu

A step by step guide to setting up the GEFORCE GTX 1060 GPU with UDOO X86 ULTRA.

Simple Wireless Keyboard For Pc

Wireless keyboard designed specifically for youtube and Netflix on PC or Mac. Works great with music players like Spotify too.

Smart Garbage Monitoring System Using Internet Of Things (iot)

A method in which waste management is wirelessly automated. An innovative system that will help keep the city clean and healthy.

Arduino Controlled Robot Lawnmower - Ultrasonic And Rgb Sensors

Had enough of mowing your grass? - I spent significant time developing and creating a robot lawnmower so you can learn from my mistakes. Here are the build details!

Automotive Tire Pyrometer Project

The concept is simple, it's a device that measures tire temperatures thereby allowing the driver to tune for optimal traction.

Smart Porch Light Project: Digi’s Xbee Lte Cellular Module

For this project, we have combined Digi International’s Cellular LTE XBEE module with an Arduino Mega-2560 to give us access to a cellular network for use with an automated porch light.

Open Source Desktop Synthesizer

The desktop synthesizer uses an Intel Arduino 101 to turn a small box and some conductive strips into a musical instrument.

Prototyping The Future: Building A “star Trek” Tricorder

As an engineer, their concepts for yesterday's entertainment franchises serve as today's blueprint for real-world innovation.

Solar Energy Harvesting Project To Power A Remote Msp430 With 2.4ghz Notification

Solar energy can be harvested on a small scale to provide a self-sustaining energy source for remote installations.

Good Morning Sunshine: Automating Your Window Blinds

Imagine automatic control of your window blinds based on the brightness outside.