Smart Mirror ( A Server For Iot Devices)

Made by Kishore B

About the project

IOT plays an important role in upcoming years. So why your home should be an ordinary house , lets make it most advanced smart home with all features builtin. It is basically an server for integrating all smart home appliances to work with each other from providing security till integrety.

Project info


Estimated time:

5 weeks


21st February 2019

Items used in this project

Hardware components

Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B+ x 1
ESP8266 Serial WIFI Module x 1
HDMI 7 800x480 Display Backpack - With Touchscreen x 1
Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 x 1
AVR-IOT WG Evaluation Board x 1

Software app and online services

Atmel 7
Google cloud platform


Today's world is going behind simplicity in everything from paying bills to ordering products on the internet. IOT plays an important role in upcoming years. So why your home should be an ordinary house, let's make it the most advanced smart home with all features builtin.

There are lots and lots of IOT devices but the interaction medium is low. I faced a problem when doing a smart home automation project using google assistant, the integration was very poor was paid one. So i decided to make an integrating server for connecting all appliances in home to work jointly.A product which is good at providing temperature and weather readings of the home and another device is a smart light and fan. Think when your home temperature is hot and the server sends the data to the fan so that it can turn on the fans and when it is raining outside the server send s the weather data to lights to turn on.

My smart mirror includes a time display, weather display and news from news channels, calenders and the home readings. Currently, i am using MQTTT protocol to send and receive data but when i got the AVR-IoT board i started to send data securely to google database and retrieve it anytime and anywhere.

The sensor data are upload to the cloud and it is received on raspberry pi and it distributes the data to local devices. Why avr board is necessary? Because the most and important rule in IOT is the security provided. Even a sensor data should be more secure so only after i heard about avr iot board i switched to it from esp8266. Due to this project, each and every device in the home can be integrated easily. It is open source so that anyone can make their own product and publish their own data. 


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