Fusion Of Graphical & Shortcut Based Workflows

Computer input devices with different modules to accommodate the individual needs of any computer user.

Ultrasonic Sensor With Home Assistant

Will guide you to integrate the UltraSonic sensor with Home Assistant.

Adafruit Mprls - Pressure Sensor Using Visuino Custom Code

In this tutorial we are going to read the values from a Pressure Sensor Adafruit MPRLS by using a Custom Code component in Visuino Pro.

Create A Star Wars Game Using Esp8266: A Beginner’s Guide

This guide demonstrates how to craft a Star Wars game with the ESP8266, OLED Display, and Joystick Module.

Env Iv In Micropython

How to program the M5Stack ENV IV to run on an RP2040 or a UIFLow2 Compatible M5Stack Controller.

Fight Fire 🔥 - Wild Fire Prediction Using Tinyml 🧠

Fight Fire is a wildfire prediction device that will help the firefighting authority to respond quickly to the wildfire.

Indoor Monitoring System Using Wioterminal And Node-red

A monitoring system that monitors the atmospheric temperature, humidity, VOC, and CO₂ and is visualized in node-red dashboard

Streaming Firebeetle Esp32 Camera Video To Home Assistance

Will guide you to stream ESP32 Cam footage to Home Assistant.

Integrating Dht11 With Beetle Esp32 C3 And Home Assistant

Will show you how to integrate DHT11 with Home Assistant

Diy Garage Door Opener Using Arduino: A Beginner's Guide

In this article, we'll delve into the exciting realm of simulating a garage door opener using Arduino.

Nodeguard: Wioterminal Mqtt Air Quality Monitor

Transforming air quality monitoring with cutting-edge technology. Our system combines advanced sensors and real-time analytics for proactive

Diy Pet Feeder Based On Esp8266

A DIY Feeder for a cat, dog, lizard, gremlin or anything you have there :) It is based on the popular ESP8266. So, it can be integrated with any open smart system like Home Assistant, Domoticz, or OpenHAB. And if that's the case, it can probably also be controlled from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Rpi Pico Controlled Matrix Display - Hub75 Style

The project is a Raspberry Pi Pico shield for RGB LED matrix displays using the HUB75 interface. The RPi Pico is controlled by Micro Python code, one use case is a YouTube subscriber button inclding sound

Dfrobot Beetle Esp32 C3 With Home Assistance

Will guide you to integrate the Beetle ESP32 C3 with Home Assistance.

Firebeetle 2 Gas Sensor

I recently won a FireBeetle 2 ESP32E on the ElectroMaker Show and thought it would be a great opportunity to build a portable gas sensor.

Lora Cellular Gateway Based Farming With Blues

LoRa Cellular Gateway-based farms, integrated with Blues technology, deliver real-time insights on soil conditions and crop health.

Home Assistance On Windows

Will guide you to install Home Assistance on Windows PC

Measure Your World With Ruuvi Tags And Particle Monitor One

Seamlessly blend Monitor One's robust features with Ruuvi Tags' versatility for enhanced insights.