The R0m4 Quad-barrel Air Cannon

You've seen air cannons as t-shirt launchers, potato guns, and more. Step your launcher game up with an Arduino Nano and rapid-fire action!

Training System To Improve Athletes' Reflexes

It is a sports training system for athletes, which allows to measure and increase the capacity of reaction time to stimulation, or reflexes.

Hsl Jacket

Control lights on your arms with the zipper on your jacket! It uses HSL color, or Hue Saturation Lightness, an intuitive way to pick colors.

Raspberry Pi - Preparing The Sd Card - Install The Os

Preparing The SD Card for Raspberry PI OS.

Raspberry Pi Configuration

How to set date and time language keybord layout in Raspberry Pi

Mouser Football Scoreboard

This easy to build, Arduino powered, football scoreboard provides you with a fantastic way to keep track of the score of your favourite team.

Rc Four Wheel Ground Rover

This is an RF controlled four-wheel ground rover built from scratch. The RF remote controller has 100 m range in open space.

Automotive Tire Pyrometer Project

The concept is simple, it's a device that measures tire temperatures thereby allowing the driver to tune for optimal traction.