Handy Geng’s Phone Charger Case Is Far From Useless

Handy Geng has released another video documenting his inventive, incredible, and sometimes outrageous builds. This time however, there's no drivable Barbeque piano (yes, that's really a thing) or rideable defense mech. This time he's turned his attention to the humble phone charger.

This isn't the first time Handy Geng has covered portable power, although his portable power bank might not be quite as portable as you'd think - all 27,000,000 mAh of it

The Handy Geng YouTube channel is the home to an unstoppable force of wacky inventiveness, and it's one we return to frequently here at Electromaker, and if the latest teaser he has up on his channel is anything to go by his next project is going to be big!

Portable Power

Hand crank generators are generally underpowered and only for use in situations where a small amount of power will suffice, like sending a message or quickly checking on some information, but the theory behind taking one power source and using it to safely charge a battery is pretty simple. Take one power source, and match it to the input your device requires.

That's what makes off-the-shelf battery managers such great things to have in your hobby kit. There are also a few commercial options available for Raspberry Pi like the PiJuice project which is a HAT containing a LiPo battery and charge circuit.

Battery charging, in general, is a whole topic of its own, which luckily Moe Long can explain to you in his guide to battery charging

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