Arduino Uno R4 Wifi Home Automation: A Diy Local Web Server.

This project shows how the Arduino Uno R4 WiFi board can make controlling things in your home, by setting up a local web-Server.

Diy Motion Triggered Halloween Prop Using Arduino/digispark

Here, you’ll see how to build a cheap and easy digipack-based system that can detect human motion and set off our Halloween decorations.

Diy Breathalyzer

Make a DIY rechargeable alcohol detector your own.

Loopie - Diy Rgb Lamp

A minimalistic RGB LED Lamp

Arduino How To Make A Smart Button

In this project we will learn how to Turn the LED ON or OFF by pressing a button for 3s and also we can change its brightness while its ON.

3d Printer Clog Detector

I designed this small device to be able to alert me in the unfortunate event the nozzle clogs.

Wearable Mk Iv Arc reactor

With the recent Sony/Disney disputes, what better time to make a wearable Arc Reactor from Iron Man 2?!