The Raspbinator

A Terminator-inspired, Raspberry Pi-driven facial recognition talking robot head.

Led Cube 100x100x100

This cube can be used for many things such like advertisement, decoration, tourist attraction. THIS IS REVOLUTION OF WATCHING IN 3D!!

Lora Walkie Talkie

In this project we would use the LoRa SX1278 module to create a digital walkie talkie

Rc Four Wheel Ground Rover

This is an RF controlled four-wheel ground rover built from scratch. The RF remote controller has 100 m range in open space.

Create Your Own Home Intercom Using Raspberry Pi And Mumble

Create your own private home voice chat system

Smart Buildings Are Thrifty Buildings

Help you quickly prototype a custom Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork system.

Parking Assistant With A Pic Microcontroller

A parking assistant that leverages an 8-bit PIC microcontroller to build a parking aid in the form of a traffic light.