Interfacing Hexabitz Digital Compass With Raspberry Pi 🧭

Build your own Hexabitz Compass With Raspberry Pi.

Get Stepper Motor Positions From Sd Card

In this tutorial we are going to read stepper motor positions from the SD card where we saved a text file with the amount of steps.

Traffic Light Using A Membrane Keypad And Arduino

In this tutorial we will learn how to control a traffic light using a Membrane Keypad and Arduino.

Stepper Motor 28byj-48 Set Steps & Direction Using A Keypad

In this tutorial we will learn how to control a stepper motor, by setting steps and direction using a Keypad and Arduino.

How To Make Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car With Radar

In this tutorial we are going to make an Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car with Radar using the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor &servo motor.

Control Dc Motor With Encoder Optical Sensor Module Fc-03

In Visuino, at the bottom click on the "Build" Tab, make sure the correct port is selected, then click on the "Compile/Build and Upload" but

Spacex Launch Tracker On A Raspberry Pi

A project which tracks SpaceX launches and displays them on a cheap tri-color E-paper using Python and the Pillow Library.

Jupiter Satellite Display

This is a fun and easy project that has tons of potential for making an interesting, educational, and conversation starting display. It uses an inexpensive ($10) neopixel light strip to display the current orientation of the four major moons of Jupiter.

Early Warning Detection For Landslide

Arduino Nano 33 IoT for Early Warning Detection for Landslide Integrated with IoT Qubitro Platfrom.

Starship - A Stem Education System

I love STEM education!! I build STEM based training modules that I wish I had as a child. This Starship needs to be programmed. And in the progress of getting it up and operating, you will dive deep into many aspects of STEM education.

Am/fm/sw Radio Receiver - Si4730 / Si4735

DIY AM/FM/SW/ DSP radio receiver, using Arduino Uno/Nano and a color display TFT ST7735 1.8in.

3d-printed Astro Pi Flight Case

The Astro Pi flight case is one of the most sought-after cases in the history of the Raspberry Pi. You will learn how to 3D print your own case and install the Astro Pi hardware inside it.