Medere is Bringing Affordable Custom Orthotics to All

If you've ever suffered from ligament or tendon damage, you may have been told you need some kind of custom orthotic support to help correct the problem. This can be a problem, as they can cost anywhere from $200 to $800, and in some places, those prices are even more inflated due to predatory healthcare systems.

Enter Italian startup Medere, started by three biomedical engineers who are combining modern technologies to make personalized orthotic inserts not only affordable but available in any location.

We spoke with Marco Mannisi from Medere about the origins of the company, what they have achieved already, and what they are planning for the future.

Medere already offers a smartphone app that uses a carefully iterated-over method. Users can follow clear instructions to measure their foot shape, gathering all the data required to create a custom insert.

This ties into the other element of their work, 3d printed inserts. Combining the knowledge of three biomedical research engineers with experimentation using different printing materials allows them to create inserts that are high quality but much cheaper than currently offered medical inserts.

Medere Italian Startup

More recently, Medere has started working with specialized sensor-laden insoles with a small motion sensor that attaches to the top of the shoe giving precise foot strike measurements. As a runner who has relied on custom orthotics in the past, it's great to see a startup not only take on the problem of cost but facilitate corrective behavior to help in recovery.

Sensor insoles from Medere

You can find out more about the project from the company's website, available in English and Italian. 

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