Aeroh Link Solves a Common Smart Home Problem

A common problem faced by many Smart Home enthusiasts is what to do with tech that doesn't fit. That AC system you have that's perfectly good (and was very expensive) doesn't connect to Home Assistant. Many LED strips and color-changing lights have no connectivity. What many of these consumer devices have in common, however, is an Infra Red remote.

This is where Aeroh Link comes in. Recently launched on the hardware funding website Crowd Supply, it's designed to take any IR device and connect it to the cloud using a completely open-source API. 

The hardware side provides a passthrough IR sensor and blaster, meaning the device can sit in front of an already-in-use appliance or controller without affecting the original remote. Inside, an ESP32 C3 Mini provides connectivity, allowing the same device to be controlled by Alexa and Google Assistant, along with Home Assistant and more DIY methods of controlling your Smart Home.

It appears to be a really well-thought-out solution to a Smart Home annoyance. It's also well set to slot into a variety of setups, whether you use the provided Aeroh Link app, or spin up your own integrations using the Aeroh Link OpenAPI.

The project has already reached its funding goal, and if you'd like to learn more, including how to support the campaign, head to the Aeroh Link Crowd Supply page

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