DIY Smart Lock Goes Above and Beyond

A recent project submitted to the Electromaker Community Projects page caught our eye. User Mellow_Labs posted their DIY Smart Lock, and one aspect of it really stood out.

We talk about it on this week's Electromaker Show [Timed Embed]:

The mechanics of a smart lock vary somewhat depending on what you use to drive and actuate it, but most of them share a common issue: You have to replace the lock on your door. Taking the decision to make a 3d scan of the existing lock (and covering it in Sharpie to get a better scan when it didn't work) makes this project non-destructive. Perfect for tinkerers trying to perfect their designs!

After modeling the perfect gear to fit the lock, the rest of the project came together using a servo, and a Wemos D1 development board. 

Mellow_Labs has a YouTube channel where they've documented the project, don't forget to subscribe to their channel!

To find out more about the project, head to the DIY Smart Lock Project page. If you've made something awesome and you want to share it, make a free Electromaker account and upload your project today! Don't forget: The top three projects every month win prizes

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