Create A Star Wars Game Using Esp8266: A Beginner’s Guide

This guide demonstrates how to craft a Star Wars game with the ESP8266, OLED Display, and Joystick Module.

Transformers Pcb Badge

In this tutorial, I am going to show you guys how to design this "Transformers PCB Badge" and how to solder the components to it.

Boldly Building My Own Droid: A Journey Inspired By Star War

A DIY Adventure Through Droid Design, 3D Printing, and electrical engineering.

Arduino Steampunk Goggles - Simple Diy

In this Tutorial we will learn how to make the Legendary SteamPunk Goggles that change colors using LED Rings and Arduino.

Lightsaber Game Controller With Motion Sensing

A motion sensing game controller for those "force sensitive" gamers, clash through your favorite challenging games with wooden clamps triggers and a built in analog stick with this affordable lightsaber that is also a game controller.

Diy - Boba Fett Helmet With Led Chaser Circuit

In this short tutorial, I am going to show you guys how to create your own crazy Star Wars inspired Boba Fett Helmet using simple household stationaries and some scrap materials.

Rgb Lightsaber | Arduino project

Fully RGB controlled Lightsaber!

Lightsaber - Guide

A low cost, mostly 3D printed and collapsible lightsaber. A 3 watt RGB LED allows for a choice between red, green and blue shafts and the collapsible nature of the shaft makes it easy to store and transport.


Modern Single Board Z180 Computer

Arduino Lightsaber

A colour changing lightsaber based on Arduino technology.

Persistence Of Vision Star Wars Lightsaber!

This project shows how to build a persistence of vision lightsaber using the ESP32, neopixels and a gyro.

Star Wars Bb8 Remote Controlled Droid

A 3D printable, low cost, BB8 project with easy to follow guides.