Scan Qr Codes With Raspberry Pi Pico

To extract information from QR codes and use a Barcode & QR Code HAT and a Raspberry Pi Pico.

Openncc Frame

To support inference media pipelines based on GStreamer and to support cross-platform inference based on NNStreamer.

Weatherbot - A Motorised Weather Machine

A WiFi connected weather forecasting machine. Shows a hyperlocal weather mechanically on a mini diorama & e-ink display for detailed outlook


OpenCat is the open-source Arduino and Raspberry Pi-based quadruped robotic pet framework developed by Petoi, the maker of Boston Dynamics-style futuristic programmable robot dogs, robot cats and robot pets for STEM education and AI-enhanced services.

Loko- The Smallest Gps Tracker With Lorawan

GPS tracker with Lora radio for Drones, tractors, expensive equipments etc

How To Make Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car With Radar

In this tutorial we are going to make an Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot Car with Radar using the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor &servo motor.

Sending Data With Nrf24l01 Using Arduino

Send data from one Arduino to another using the NRF24L01 module. In this project we are gong to send Random Integer number from 100 to 1000

Jaimico: The New I-health Care Companion Robot

Jaimico... Acompanion robot based on M5Core2-AWS, AWS-IoT-Core, AWS and Alexa

Custom Built Rc Car - Rc Parichar

RC Parichar is a one-of-a-kind remote control vehicle. With a special "Detour Mode" feature it is able to not only avoid obstacles but also continue moving along the same path.

Face Tracking Ping Pong Launcher With Arduino And Rpi

Protect your desk with this ping pong ball launcher that detects and aims at an intruder's face before firing a barrage of ping pong balls at them.

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi Pico

Couple of months ago, I bought a "Raspberry Pi Pico" to get some hands-on experience of it and to create some amazing projects using it. But since then, it has just been sitting on my desk, collecting dust. Today after a very long wait, I finally have decided to create a short video tutorial on it

Arduino Height Measuring Using Vl53l0x Laser Sensor

Make a Height Measuring tool using a VL53L0X.Time-of-Flight ranging sensor Watch the video!

Line Following Robot

Our 2WD smart line following robot is a mobile machine that can detect and follow lines drawn on the ground. Usually, the path is predefined and can be displayed as a black line on a white surface with a high-contrast color, or it can be invisible as a magnetic field.

Arduino Chocolate Candy Toy Vending Machine

Chocolate candy Toy Vending Machine made using Arduino Technology. There is a phone device connected to the machine to control the machine. Once the candy is selected and the payment is done the candy will fall out to the container where the user can receive it. The machine cover is built our of building blockes.

Arduino Digital Compass Using Mpu9250 Magnetometer

In this project we will learn how to make a compass using the Arduino and the Accelerometer Gyroscope sensor MPU9250. Watch the Video!

How To Make Clap Control Car || Using Arduino Uno

Hi Guy this project is basically a small Prototype a feature that we will see in the Future Cars. This car works when you clap.

Diy - Nodemcu Development Board

I designed a replica of the NodeMCU Development Board, which, 10 of them I got fabricated for just $5.

Arduino Ambient Light With 433mhz Rf Remote Control

In this tutorial we will learn how to control the RGB LED Random color with a 433MHz RF Remote and Arduino, also how to turn it ON or OFF, o