How Does Ultraarm P340, A Stepper Motor Robotic Arm, Perform

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More vision and DIY kits for drawing, laser engraving, and AI sorting

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Elephant Robotics ultraArm P340 Elephant Robotics ultraArm P340
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ultraArm is a high-precision, 4-axis robotic arm equipped with stepper motors, allowing it to perform tasks such as laser engraving, painting, writing, visual recognition, and grasping. This product is especially designed for education and research purposes, it has a compact design, easy to operate and maintain. ultraArm is an advanced robotic arm designed to help teachers and students better understand robotic arm technology and provide researchers with a better research tool

What is Stepper motor?

Stepper motor is a kind of electric pulse signal into the corresponding angular displacement or line displacement of the motor.

Stepper motor running tracking implementation characteristics better than the servo motor, due to the stepper motor every pulse sent to go an angle, send a pulse signal motor will go will not have a delay, while the servo motor for closed-loop control, sent after the pulse and code to return to contrast processing, such as overshoot in the turn back, there is a certain delay, tracking characteristics worse than the stepper motor.


Let's take a look at the table below to see what its specific specifications are like.

This fourth axis is unusual in that it is a motor that can be attached and dettached quickly. It has no limits to its joints and can be turned continuously in the same direction all the time.

Note :Additional motor can be attached and dettached in the end of the robotic arm. This motor is not included in the set and can be purchased separately.

This is the quick-change servo.

After installation, ultraArm becomes a 4-axis robotic arm.

Using high-precision stepper motors means the repeat positioning accuracy is improved, and now ultraArm's repeatability is 0.1mm, which can be used in many scenarios that require high precision.


With the educational kits from Elephant Robotics, we can use ultraArm to achieve the following functions:

● Visual recognition and sorting

● Writing and drawing

● Laser engraving

How to use the ultraArm?

First, we need to connect the ultraArm with a computer, which can be a laptop or a mini-computer like a Raspberry Pi. The ultraArm needs to receive commands in order to perform its tasks.

ultraArm supports programming languages such as Python, C++, Arduino, and ROS2, which are easy and simple to use. To help users who are new in programing, Elephant Robotics launched myBlockly, a graphical programming software that is easy to use.

Educational kits

Let's watch a video about using ultraArm.

Visual recognition and grabbing function

This is a program written in Python, based on machine vision + algorithm + graphical interface, that can recognize colors, shapes, QR codes, images and also the robotic arm has the ability of grabbing.

This program is designed to be user-friendly, it has a graphical user interface that provides operation commands. It is very easy to use.It can choose different algorithms to use in the algorithm, such as color recognition, shape recognition, QR code recognition, etc. The process used in this program: first, select the robotic arm's serial port and baud rate, then turn on the camera, and finally select the algorithm function to be used and click auto mode.

Through this kit and open-source code, users can learn how OpenCV processes images and how the robotic arm cleverly combines with it. It is a very suitable for users who have just started to learn machine vision.

Writing and drawing function

Here I want to introduce a software called Elephant Luban. Elephant Luban is used to generate image trajectories and control the working of ultraArm. Its interface is simple, easy to operate, and can quickly generate an image trajectory to be provided to the robotic arm to reproduce.

Elephant Luban working interface

Elephant Luban working interface

Elephant Luban working interface

Regarding this kit, all we need to do is to generate a path of a pattern or text, as shown in the video, and send it to the ultraArm to execute, which will enable the robotic arm to draw or write. Even without any programming knowledge, it can be easily achieved with this set.

Laser engraving function

With a laser engraving pen mounted at the end of ultraArm, it works according to the specified path. The principle of this set is similar to that of writing and drawing, which both require the use of Elephant Luban to create the image path.

Laser engraving is a relatively complex task that requires professional operators to perform, in order to engrave a delicate craft. Now ultraArm can simplify the complex work, thus greatly reducing the professional requirements, and it can be completed at any time and anywhere at home.


I don't know if you have a deeper understanding of ultraArm now. I summarize that ultraArm is a 4-axis robotic arm, equipped with stepper motors, which can be used for laser engraving, painting, writing, visual recognition, and grabbing functions. It provides users with a wide range of applications, suitable for various groups of people, whether makers or commercial users. Its high performance can meet the needs of most scenarios.

To summarize:

● Simple and easy-to-use interface: Users can quickly get started with a simple and intuitive interface.

● Humanized design: The robotic arm becomes more suitable for human operation through humanized design.

● User-friendly operation guide: Provides detailed operation guides and tutorials, allowing users to learn quickly.

● Easy to maintain: An easy-to-maintain structural design reduces maintenance costs for users.

● Technical support provided: Professional technical support and after-sales service are provided to ensure smooth operation for users.

● Longer production time: Due to the speed of the robotic arm movement, it takes longer to do laser engraving or painting.

If you would like to find out more about ultraArm, please leave a comment below or contact us.That's all for this post, if you like this post please leave us a comment and a like!


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