Ai-driven Interactive Lab Assistant W/ Opencv & Chatgpt

In remote learning, provide insightful guidance on lab equipment as auto-generated lessons via object detection and artificial intelligence.

Four-legged Robot Ensuring Intelligent Sprinkler Automation

FREISA, an acronym for "Four-legged Robot Ensuring Intelligent Sprinkler Automation, " continues the storyline of the B-AROL-O Team's saga

Rescue Bot

Rescue Bot is an autonomous ground rover designed to navigate post-disaster terrain, locate survivors and enhance disaster response

ArUco Markers for Precise Pose Tracking in Robotics

Explore the fusion of ArUco markers and robotics for advanced pose tracking, enhancing precision and efficiency in machine vision.

Enhanced and Upgraded,The New myAGV 2023

myAGV performance has been fully upgraded, what are you waiting for?

3d Printed Arduino Humanoid Robot That Responds To Commands.

Hello, this is a project I've been working on for a while, a humanoid robot. It can track faces using OpenCV, listen to and respond physically and verbally to a plethora of commands. Is able to solve all arithmetic functions and it can even tell jokes and the weather! And it has a dedicated chatbot to hold conversations.

A 4-axis Robotic Arm Ideal For Education | Mypalletizer

A 4-axis palletizing robot arm that is very suitable for industrial education.

Revolutionizing Practices: Compound Robot

A Case Study in Automated Fruit Harvesting and Transport with Compound Robot

Upgrade Your Robot Kit With Mycobot 320 Ai Kit 2023

Here is the comprehensive and rich information you desire regarding the myCobot 320 AI Kit 2023.

Automating Fruit Harvesting And Sorting: Educational Case

Automating Fruit Harvesting and Sorting: A Fascinating Educational Case Study with 2 Robotic Arms

Ai Robotic Arm Plays Connect4 With Dqn Neural Network

This Robot Arm Can Play Chess with You: Robot Arm combines with AI using DQN Neural Network

Object Tracking On Mycobot 280 Jetson Nano: A Case Study

The article delves into the development of a fascinating project that involves object detection, tracking, and control of a mechanical arm u

Visual Gesture Controlled Iot Car

Remember the opening scene of movie 'Project Almanac'? Controlling a drone with hand? Make it yourself, and to simplify, let's control a CAR

Opencv Hand Piano

Buzzer plays certain notes depending on the amount of fingers you have up.

Building A Self-driving Car In Atari 2600 Grand Prix

Step into the world of retro gaming and AI technology with this video. Watch as we bring the classic Atari 2600 game, Grand Prix, to life with a twist. The project is based on Python and AI

A Deep Dive Into The Upgraded Robot Ai Kit 2023

This article describes in which aspects AI Kit 2023 has been upgraded and what good functions it has now.

Newly Upgraded And User-friendly Ai Kit 2023

Newly upgraded and User-friendly, this AI Kit 2023 is equipped with 5 vision algorithms and a visual UI