Dfrobot Beetle Esp32 C3 With Home Assistance

Will guide you to integrate the Beetle ESP32 C3 with Home Assistance.

Firebeetle 2 Gas Sensor

I recently won a FireBeetle 2 ESP32E on the ElectroMaker Show and thought it would be a great opportunity to build a portable gas sensor.

How To Connect Mpu9250 And Raspberry Pi (part 1)

Discover how to capture magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope data from the MPU9250 9-axis sensor using the Raspberry Pi.

Home Assistance On Windows

Will guide you to install Home Assistance on Windows PC

Bahnhofs Steuerung 2000

This is the result of my father wanting to control some LEDs in his model railway buildings. Over the span of a few months, I put a lot of energy and effort into creating an Arduino based Browser powered LED controller that adds interactivity and a ton of life and detail to his prints.

Picogamepadconverter: Use Your Favorite Gamepad Anywhere

PicoGamepadCoverter is a project designed for RP2040 or Raspberry Pi Pico and variants, that enabling switch to different gamepad modes using a gamepad as input. Re-use old gamepads that don't support USB connections or make compatibles with certain platform.

World's Easiest Gpt-like Voice Assistant

The World's Easiest GPT-like Voice Assistant uses an open-source LLM to respond to verbal requests, and it runs 100% locally on a RasPi 4.

Building A Lorawan -> Wi-fi -> Cellular Fallback Iot Device

Using the Blues Notecard LoRa, along with a Cellular + Wi-Fi Notecard, allows you to build a bulletproof wireless connectivity device.

3d Printed Rechargeable Gothic Lantern

My curiosity to create something new and interesting got me into creating this gothic style rechargeable lantern.

Building A Simple Proxy Server With Raspberry Pi

Discover the simplicity of setting up a proxy server on your Raspberry Pi using the user-friendly and open-source software known as Squid.

Electronic Dice Using Atom Matrix Esp32

In this Tutorial we are going to make an Electronic Dice that will display a different number every time you shake the Atom Matrix ESP32.

Getting Started With 3.5 Inch Pc State Display

Will show you how to use the 3.5-inch PC state display.

How To Stream Video From Raspberry Pi Camera To Computer

Learn how to set up a Flask App on your Raspberry Pi and create a live video feed that you can access on your local network.

Electronic Salty-flavor Enhancer

This project uses very low currents the run onto your tongue, to enhance the salt flavor of food. Based the device by Hōmei Miyashita.

Esp32 Web Server With Slider

Will guide you to build a web server-controlled PWM in ESP32.

Balls Up

Code that finds the optimal floor of a building to start from in a search to find the exact floor that will break the plate with a ball.

How To Connect The Dht22 And Arduino Nano

Learn how to get temperature and humidity readings with the DHT22 and Arduino Nano

How To Connect The Dht22 And Raspberry Pi Pico

Learn how to get temperature and humidity readings with the DHT22 and Pico or Pico W in MicroPython