Automatic Flag Waver

I love waving flags but my wrists get tired, so I made an automatic flag waver.

Logo Rocket Automated

How to transform a small LEGO rocket toy into an automated, USB-powered wonder that spins smoothly without any manual cranking!


Convert any text into the Simlish language from the game, The Sims; with the power of ChatGPT!

Washing Up Liquid Dispenser

Do you hate doing the dishes? Do you wish there was a way to make this chore less tedious and more fun?

Putin Slapper

It slaps putin in the face over and over again what else is there to say

How To Use A Turbidity Sensor

If you've ever needed a sensor to examine the cleanliness of water a turbidity sensor is what you need

Basics Of Arduino (tinkercad)

Arduino and Tinkercad are two powerful tools that are transforming the world of electronics and engineering.

Learn How To Use The Dht11 Sensor

Check out this video tutorial to discover how to use the DHT11 sensor! If you have an interest in learning about sensors and their applications, this tutorial is perfect for you. In this video, I will guide you through the basics of the DHT11 sensor, including how to connect it to an Arduino board.

Wireless Charging Shelf

A small shelf which can store your wallet keys, etc. and wirelessly charge your devices!

Valentines Day Romance Bot

What's more romantic than having a robot pour wine for you? Lots of things? Fair enough, it's still kind of fun all the same.

Arduino Based Concrete Clock With Touchless Night Lamp

In this tutorial, I am going to show you guys how to create this Arduino based touchless concrete clock.

Arduino Shirt Folding Robot

This is a robot made of 12 servos and they all move flaps on top of a cardboard surface. The flaps are made of cardboard and they rotate. You use the robot by putting a shirt on the surface, and the flaps move one by one to fold the shirt. The last flap takes the folded shirt and flips it away from the robot.

An Instrument That You Play With Your Pee

This is an instrument that you play with your pee. Using scotch tape, tinfoil, and electrical tinkering pieces I put together an instrument that you play with your pee. Its cool to people who don't know how it works, and basic to veterans. Sorry if the image isn't 100% accurate.

Colorful Lights Atom Matrix Esp32

In this tutorial we are going to make a Simple Colorful Lights Project using Atom Matrix ESP32.

Control Nema 17 Stepper Motor With A4988 Driver And Arduino

In this tutorial we will use stepper driver A4988, NEMA17 stepper motor, Arduino Uno and Visuino to run a stepper motor.

Keypad Controlled Door Locking System Using Arduino

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a Locking system using a Keypad and Arduino.

Control Linear Actuator Using A Capacitive Touch Button

In this Project we will learn how easy it is to control a Linear Actuator with Arduino using a Capacitive touch button and Visuino.


Generate funky images based on fractals, then enhance them using DALL-E 2. Inspired by the band Tool & Alex Grey artwork.