Pigeon Scarecrow

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A scarecrow designed to scare away pigeons

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Battery Charging Board Battery Charging Board x 1
Battery, 3.7 V Battery, 3.7 V x 1
Geared Motor Geared Motor x 1
Toggle Switch Toggle Switch x 1

Software apps and online services

Screwdriver Screwdriver

Hand tools and fabrication machines

3D Printer (generic) 3D Printer (generic) x 1


Loft conversions always sound like a great idea, until your neighbour gets a hole in the roof and pigeons start nesting in it. And because it's not our property and our neighbours landlord doesn't want to do anything about it, we just have to deal with it.

So me and my partner made a pigeon scarecrow.

A pigeon scarecrow is a device that scares away pigeons by using movement, sound, water or other means. According to the Pigeon Control Resource Centre, some of these devices can be effective in deterring pigeons from roosting or nesting on buildings or gardens.

We decided to make our own pigeon scarecrow using 3D printing, electronics and some creativity.

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The Engineering Part

I tackled all the engineering printing and electronics as that's what I'm best at, and my partner did all of the 3D sculpting painting and sewing.

I found this gif of Reciprocating motion on instructables, and it was exactly what I wanted to make the scarecrow move his arms with one motor.




After a few iterations and refinements the mechanism was reliable and ready for dressing.

The wiring is very simple I used a USB-C battery management system, I upcycled the battery from a vape pen that has been thrown out onto the street. I pick up discarded vape pens wherever I can, the batteries in them are very useful.

From the battery management system we go through the switch straight to the motor as easy as electronics come.

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The Artistic Part

My partner took care of making the scarecrow look like a real person. she used some old clothes, stuffing, wire and paint to create a realistic body and head. she also added some details like hands, pitchfork and Hat.

The Final Result

We installed our pigeon scarecrow on our roof facing our neighbour's loft conversion. We turned on the switch and watched him wave his arms around. It was hilarious!

But more importantly, it worked! The pigeons flew away as soon as they saw him. We are so happy with our DIY project!

We hope you enjoyed reading about how we made our pigeon scarecrow. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thanks for reading!

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