Mega Animated The One Ring

Animated mega sized the one ring. Used for notifications from smart home.

Diy Smart Bubble Machine

A bubble machine that can be controlled remotely for a home assistant, And also through my live stream chat.

Plant Music Generation

A device that attaches to plants through electrodes, increases their electrical impulses and re-adapts them to sound waves to create an enjoyable melody

"smart" Gingerbread House

Transforming a classic gingerbread house into a tech marvel with RGB LEDs, servos, and a web interface!

Kids Led Projector ✨

A Simple Machine for Kids to Bring Their Drawings to Life

How To Make Rgb Bluetooth Speaker With Powerful Bass Speaker

Hi, in this project I made my very own Bluetooth speaker, Hold on! not just a Bluetooth speaker but it' a RGB version with bass speakers, Yo

Programming Propane: Espnow And Fire Shooting Walkway Lights

To feel more awesome and badass, I upgraded my suburban walkway lights. Instead of typical bulbs, they're propane canisters with solenoid valves, high-voltage arc generators, and esp32 microcontrollers using ESPNow. This local network lets me command them to shoot fire on cue in my yard.

Make Diy Interactive Paper Robot With Hexabitz 🤖👋😊

Make a robot that reacts to gestures by waving its arms in a cheer!

Subscriber Counter That Shoots Fireballs!!

Subscriber counter that shoots Fireballs ever 10 subs.

Picture With Moving Eyes

Horror fans? Learn how to make a poster/picture that will look back at you.

Remake Of S. Francis Writing Machine

Modern QWERTY keyboards are simply not challenging enough. Let's use a piano roll instead!

Inky Draw

A fun drawing app project for the Raspberry Pi and Inky pHAT using Python Flask and React. It's the very basics right now, and a fun project to add to eg. adding brushes, updating the UI a bit, adapting for more displays etc!

Oscilloscope For Raspberry Pi Led Matrix

A plug and play oscilloscope that reads from an audio interface. Plug it into guitars, mics, music devices, anything that can be read from your interface. Visualize anything that makes sound

Pigeon Scarecrow

A scarecrow designed to scare away pigeons

Interactive Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree that users can control the lights over the internet. It also has ornaments that can have pixel art drawn on in an r/place style.

Pcb Binary Watch

A PCB wristwatch that shows time in BCD binary form and the watch takes power from a coin cell battery. The watch is based on ATmega328P microcontroller and DS3231M RTC.


Generate funky images based on fractals, then enhance them using DALL-E 2. Inspired by the band Tool & Alex Grey artwork.

Making An Epic, Interactive Kids' Wall

When the room itself isn't particularly big, why not make the walls into play things?