Automated Pill Dispenser

Do you struggle to remember when to take your medication? If so, you need an automatic pill dispenser.

Automatic Flag Waver

I love waving flags but my wrists get tired, so I made an automatic flag waver.

Pigeon Scarecrow

A scarecrow designed to scare away pigeons

Logo Rocket Automated

How to transform a small LEGO rocket toy into an automated, USB-powered wonder that spins smoothly without any manual cranking!

Putin Slapper

It slaps putin in the face over and over again what else is there to say

Fresh Donuts - A Custom Led Twitch Sign W Capacitive Touch

This sign lights up when the stream goes live, allows for control via capacitive touch, and listens for commands in Twitch chat.

Arduino Skeleton Seven-segment Clock

Let's build a new Style clock using Arduino and PCB

Wireless Charging Shelf

A small shelf which can store your wallet keys, etc. and wirelessly charge your devices!

Control Nema 17 Stepper Motor With A4988 Driver And Arduino

In this tutorial we will use stepper driver A4988, NEMA17 stepper motor, Arduino Uno and Visuino to run a stepper motor.

Control Linear Actuator Using A Capacitive Touch Button

In this Project we will learn how easy it is to control a Linear Actuator with Arduino using a Capacitive touch button and Visuino.

Rainbow Lamps

ESP NOW Base Wireless Synchronized Lamps

Flex Controlled Air Powered Gripper

A silicone air powered gripper controlled with a flex sensor glove.

How To Create A 3d Corkscrew Using 3d Modelling Software

In this tutorial blog, we will learn the stepwise process to design a 3D corkscrew in SelfCAD

How To Create A 3d Potion Bottle In 3d Modelling Software

In this tutorial blog, we are going to learn the steps to design a 3D potion bottle in SelfCAD.

Streamdeck Alternative - Infinitedeck !

Infinite Deck is a macropad easy to use and with almost unlimited profiles.

Multifunctional Cable Cam

This cable cam is powered by an ODESC motor controller, it is like an ODrive but only for one axis. Because it is powered by this powerful controller there are a lot of upgrade possibilities.

Coffee Holder

3D Printed coffee cup holder

Coffee Holder

3D Printed coffee cup holder