The Raspberry Pi Camera Module V3 is Here!

Raspberry Pi cameras are awesome. Easy to use, and with the updated Picamera2 library, more powerful and automatable than ever!

That's why we were very excited to see a post by Eben Upton on the Pi Blog about the version 3 update to the Raspberry Pi Camera Module.

Pi Camera V3

We take a look at the post in this week's Electromaker Show [Timed Excerpt]:

The big news here is autofocus - a feature many have been hoping for. If the video Raspberry Pi use to show it off is anything to go by, it's pretty snappy!

The cameras retain a Sony sensor, but this time upgrading to the IMX708 upping the resolution and improving low light performance. They'll come in four variants: regular, wide-angle, regular infra-red, and wide-angle infra-red. 

As always, Raspberry Pi gives various regional options for buying the Camera Module V3, and at the time of writing it looks like there's plenty to go around!

Some Good News for the HQ Crowd Too

If you are a fan of the Raspberry Pi HQ modules, there's some news for you too. For a while now, hacks have been floating around to make HQ modules compatible with M12 mount lenses. 

This hasn't gone unnoticed, and as with all great hacks, it's making its way into the official product line. Raspberry Pi will now be selling HQ modules with a choice of C/CS mount or M12 mount from the Raspberry Pi online store

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