Embedded World 2023: Up Close with Raspberry Pi's Debug Probe and new Camera

At Embedded World 2023, we stopped by the Raspberry Pi stand to chat with James Hughes, Principal Software Engineer at Raspberry Pi Ltd, to talk over a couple of their latest products.

We started with the new Global Shutter camera, a specialist camera peripheral designed to remove rolling shutter effects when viewing fast-moving objects. It's aimed more at industrial uses than anything else, but it's still very reasonably priced. It was nice to see it in action too!

The Global Shutter camera is available now from Raspberry Pi.

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We then moved on to looking at the debug probe, and James immediately answered a question that I had been asked and seen asked a few times about the RP2040-based Serial Wire debugger: Why not just flash a Regular Pico to be your probe? 

I hadn't realized just how tiny the debug probe is - when inside its plastic shell, it is still shorter than a Pico and only slightly wider. The Pi Debug Probe is available from Raspberry Pi stockists worldwide, at $12.

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It was nice to get up close with both products, having talked about them both recently in the Electromaker Show on YouTube [TIMED LINK]:

As I may have mentioned in the video, I decided to get a Pi debug probe to replace my tatty old DIY STM32 based one, so you can expect more exciting debug probe content coming soon!


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