PCBite Is a PCB Manipulation Tool for Engineers

There are some great tools for working with electronics out there, but every now and again something jumps out as somewhat special. PCBite seems like one of those projects. For engineers, from engineers, and at a pretty low price tag.

In short, it's a set of handsfree, magnetic, balanced tools for working with PCBs. Magnus from Sensepeek takes us through how it works, and the trajectory of the project from their very first in-house tools, up until now.

What I noticed in my time at the stand was how many people would spend a moment or two playing with the PCBite tools, and walk away smiling at how simple but sturdy the whole setup is, before checking the price and being pleasantly surprised. Sensepeek has a number of different PCBite kits with different probes and attachments available from the PCBite Webshop.

A Tool For PCB Tinkerers

Whether you are starting off creating your own PCBs from scratch, working with them professionally, or trying to reverse engineer old gear, you need easy ways to test and probe. I've never seen anything that does it quite like PCBite.

It's also interesting timing for us, given that we've just embarked on a unique PCB-based competition. We are currently running a contest with Eurocircuits where you can get your PCB designs manufactured for free, before entering your finished hardware into a contest with a $2750 cash prize pool!

To find out more, head to the Eurocircuits PCB Design Contest 2022 page


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