Andreas Spiess Is Searching for the Next ESP32

The ESP32 has been the go-to chip for makers and engineers alike for a while. Andreas Spiess opens a recent YouTube video with the phrase, "The ESP32 is everybody's darling." He's not wrong.

That said, it's been 6 years since the ESP32 appeared, and has anything come along that could take its place? That is what Andreas set out to discover, and we chat about this (along with feeling slightly star-struck when he introduced himself at Embedded World last week) on this week's Electromaker Show:

Andreas concludes that the ESP32S3 has almost all of the advantages of the ESP32, plus a few more - while sharing a few of its drawbacks too. As always, the video goes into great detail, and there is even a separate spreadsheet comparing the current ESP32 line in the video description

As mentioned in the above video clip, Andreas recently launched a second channel focussing on the technical side of Amateur Radio operation. It covers a wide range of topics, from theory to building DIY RF Current meters and everything in between. The first video on the channel covers the NanoVNA V2, but works as a general primer for choosing the right aerial, how to know if a filter is worth your time, and how to read Smith charts:

Andreas has provided years of knowledge and entertainment about embedded devices of all kinds, and it's fantastic to see his level of attention to detail focused on something like Radio. Maybe I'll finally learn a little more about it!

If you want to find out more, subscribe to the Andreas Spiess main channel, and his second YouTube channel covering all topics SDR and beyond!

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